Revopoint Inspire : pomegranate

the texture is a bit blurry. I’ve retry 5 times with differents settings and lights, but still the same. Is it at its best ?

Check my INSPIRE showcase to see some max color results .
Inspire need some support in lighting , it only have 1 LED , so not as bright .

Thanks for your reply.
This is what I have set. It is a Godox LED6R. Sometimes, I add another one by hand to remove shadow if needed. But every scan I do make blurry texture. :sob:

That should be enough …

Set all the LED On including INSPIRE , set the exposure to auto then after it set switch to manual . It should set the proper color brightness.

Make sure your distance is proper , use something else for testing like a box with text to check if the focus is working proper .
Try to scan different objects best with some text , and test out first the focus to make sure it is proper .
You should get very nice results

Did you saw my fruit basket with INSPIRE ? It was literally a photo …

yes I saw it, that’s why I bought it… :thinking:

I’ve scanned a small box 60 x 60 x 30 mm

Does it seem clear as it can ?

I attached a zip with 3D data:

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For now, for better looking textures you need Zbrush or Blender for a method described as converting RGB color per vertex to textures. @PUTV describes the process in Zbrush here:

We all eagerly wait for busy Revpoint-programmers to enable that inside RevoScan.

The screenshot of the box don’t looks that bad .
Actually nice reach colors .
The smaller text should be little sharper so you can actually read it