Mini tracking lost on the smallest small movement of hand

I got my Revopoint Mini, Started scanning but to the smallest movement of the camera the gyro freaks out and lost tracking on the camera. Therefore making handheld scanning impossible immediately.

Mind you I am very careful and have normal handshake i would expect a simple camera to compensate for easily.

The gyro is not responsible for the tracking , it only capture the main position of the model . The rest of tracking depends if the object features and proper distance . In most case would be lack of features on the model your scanning .

Also tracking is affected by the device you use MINI on , for example on my phone I am losing tracking much faster than on tablet while scanning the same object because the data can’t be processed as fast on my phone so I have to get slower.

So what device you use and maybe picture of your trouble model would helps out to give you a proper tip .

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Yeah it is a plain white statue like the one we got as a sample in the box but slightly bigger (it is a Spartan Warrior standing, high detailed made out of white stone).

If I have the Mini on the Tripod and slowly adjust down and move the scanner lower it is going to a point, when it messes up on anh sudden movement (even if I just push on the desk a little bit). If I pick up the camera to get some details from sides not well visible from the tripod it immediately loses tracking and starts generating points in a different place and traces the new points there.

I am using my Gaming tower to scan to. Should not have any issues (32GB RAM and Ryzen 7 3800).

I literally have to be more careful than moving a glass of water filled to the brim.

So truly lost what is causing it.

Your workstation is fast enough so it may be not the issue .
Try to stay a little away at 20cm from the object .
I would recommend to use turntable with the statue . You will get more accurate scanning .
Check my video , I scanned the figurine using MINI slowly moving from top to bottom and back for perfect scan in one session .
I don’t think there is any technical issue with your device . Just practice , sometimes when you get too close you can easy lose tracking even for a second .

Remember MINI scanning window is very small and smaller than you see in the Depth camera preview . You think the object is in the window but in reality it is outside the scanned window , keep the scanning area always in a center of the preview .

This video below will show you how to move the device to capture figurines the easy way no matters MINi or POP2

Yeah exactly the same is what i would expect to happen. But in My case as soon as I tilt the scanner a bit it completely loses tracking - then start no points found (even when I go back up to previously scanned areas) and starts scanning whatever it sees in the now tilted position and now it is trying to match up the cloud to 2 different objects tilted almost 90 degrees.

The " no point found " is the issue here , or the object has no enough features in the place , or the gain is set too high or you are too close to an window light that can mess up with the blue light scanner .
LED light can mess up the tracking as well if it is cool light LED or too bright .
So many possibilities.

It is hard to tell without actually see it in action to be precise.

Tilting the scanner on the side do not influence tracking .
The scanner need to move not more than 30 degree from preview scanned area to be able to keep tracking .

The best would be if you could make video to determine the issue precisely .

But in most cases if you get the “no point found” message return back to the area that was scanned , don’t wait too long if you see the scan progress turning red . Once it turns red try to return back to the area that was scanned previously.

Also try to keep the scanner at 45 degrees while scanning from the object , avoid 90 degrees position so slightly tilted forward .

I agree with putv, if you can use your cell phone to record the problem it will help

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