Revo Studio request

I’d like to see a percentage progress bar in Studio when processing, the same as in Revo Scan.
At the moment, there’s no way of telling how long until processing is complete.
Progress bar gives some idea.
I’d also like the ability to select which holes to fill as sometimes holes are filled that you don’t want filled.
Finally, the option to abort processing would be handy at times.


Thanks for your suggestions. I will forward them to our R&D team.

(It is an improvement request for Revo Scan, not Revo Studio.)

i’m using a Revopoint mini and Windows PC.

The scanner’s blue light is always on because the preview mode is always working in the Revo scan.
The only way to stop this is to shut down the software or turn off the scanner itself.

It hurts a lot because the blue light reflected off the desk and walls gets into my eyes.
In addition, life of blue light becomes early, too

I would like to see an early implementation of ON/OFF of the preview mode so that the blue light of the scanner does not turn on unless it is necessary.

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Since it is clearly a different thread, I added a request for improvement with the same content to a new thread.

Please check there.

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