Revo Studio Activation problem. MINI KS

Hey there I just installed revo studio Revo_Studio_for_win_v3.

Its asking for a verification code, where do I get that?
I am a KS MINI backer.

When I type in my email address it says
I have firewall disabled.

Make sure you are online ,fill in the email address press the button then check your email for the code, fill it in and press the button again, that’s what I did anyway

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Would you please try the method Johnathan mentioned? If the problem still exists, please get in touch with

thanks, I have tried that. will email.

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Can you send me your email address? Our colleague will help to check the problem.

Our tech support has checked the problem. Would you please try to do it again? Re-enter your email address, click “send the verification code”, then check your mailbox, and type in the code.

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thank you for the prompt response, it is working now.
Embarrassingly my firewall was blocking it, I thought I checked.

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You are welcome. :laughing: So glad that we can help here.