Customer support reply email blocked

I responded to your customer support email but I was notified that my reply email was blocked by your server

Usually, that happens when someone else using the same domain name sends so much spam that the people handling the server host just block everyone from that domain.

If a repeat attempt from your regular email doesn’t help, you could try setting up a free account on or one of the others and sending from there.

But here’s hoping that @Revopoint3d-Selina can address the issue and get you going.

That would be Gmail , and my Gmail is not blocked as I sent message today to the customer services …so that is not the case.

It was just randomly rejected

@AussieRob71 , resent it again

Tried again but got this message

This is reply from the support ticket system , if you reply to a message you got from the customer service you should not change the subject in your replies .

The customer service e-mail is working for me and I use Gmail as well .

Compose a new clean email again or reply to the original one without changing the subject

@AussieRob71 the office is closed for the weekend , but customer service is running , so if you want a reply here you will need to wait until Monday … Write a clean new email to the customer service , the best chance for quick reply .

I’d make use of the “Contact Us details” at the bottom of that notice.

Is it the email for the Kickstarter confirmation email? If so, please reply to us by messaging +1 (888) 807-3339 (without any HTML link).

If not, please message me your info and your email address. I will pass along to the customer service team.