Activation email not sent

I can’t get past the install screen requirement to activate email. I have tried several email addresses including common free services like Gmail. I have looked on this forum and seen other posts where error codes were displayed. I do not get an error it takes a few seconds then just does a timer count down until I can try again?


Is the email ‘sent’ from my local computer or does the app trigger it sent from your servers? What address does it come from ? I can’t see any logs for receipt or any email in Junk SPAM etc… very frustrating. Why is this step even needed?


the software you try to install is way outdated. Please download newest Revo Scan software for your platform under the link (scroll down a bit to “Software” section). It is much better software now , also no more activation needed. Revo Studio is the old name for this software, it was renamed to Revo Scan later.

Thanks for the reply.

Literally downloaded it from here under an hour ago:

EDIT: OK. Think I figured out what I did. I downloaded the Win, Mac, Android and legacy … they all saved in downloads but it looks like the Scan version failed and I was trying the legacy install without realising it.

I did download it now, and for it is the correct version 5.4.1 of Revo Scan being downloaded. And i don´t get that activation prompt.

What is confusing me: your pic shows “Activate Revo Studio” in the upper left corner. Latest Revo Studio version one can downloadis under “Legacy Software” and Win V3.0.7.8.

Are you sure you clicked on right installation file after downloading 5.4.1?

I had many version downloaded in the past and it happend to me, too, that I clicked on wrong installation file. Please check.

Cool! My assumption was right, then. Sorry for my reply, I didn´t notice you wrote meanwhile.

Happy scanning! :slight_smile:

Hi @Elijha , you can’t activate Revo Studio anymore . It is only there for those that once activated it on their PC .
But it can’t be activated on a new user computer anymore .

Revo Scan 5.4.1 I’d the latest new version that should be used. What include everything you need .