Cannot activate Revo Studio - stuck on Activate screen

After entering the email address that Revopoint uses in its communication with me and then entering the CDKey they sent, I get an “Email address is not valid” message. This is 100% repeatable. I wonder if the hyphen symbol causes the problem. Regardless, I’d appreciate assistance to get this issue resolved.
Thank you, Frank


There’s a quick workaround. Create a new email address on one of the free servers (but not yahoo, just in case that’s the problem) that doesn’t have any special characters.

After you verify it is working, use that to register Revo Studio.

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Hi, the latest version of Revo studio is not required to enter the CD key anymore. Please download the latest version from our official website. @bmfrevopop2

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Thanks for the replies. I loaded Revo_Studio_for_win_v3. and using its revised activation screen, I was able to activate successfully.


I downloaded Revo_Studio_for_win_v3. today and it is asking for an activation code. Unable to move past.

You should have been prompted to supply your email address to register the software and receive an activation code.

Perhaps your anti-virus software is preventing Revo Studio from accessing the internet. Try shutting that down.

Alternatively, you can uninstall this version of Revo Studio and install this older version. Once you successfully install any version of Revo Studio, you will have the Activation Code in your Registry and you can uninstall the older version and re-install V3.0.6.9.

Hi Joe, Please attempt to do as Jeff indicated in his comment, I have tried to replicate your problem but did not achieve the same result you did. I am going to investigate and try to find a solution, please reply if indeed you did succeed. Best Regards

Hi, Jeremy: It is my recommendation that the Error Messages provided by Revo Scan and Revo Studio be expanded. Not just numbers, but a brief summary.

In this instance, if a message has failed to be sent (which seems most probable), a popup indicating this failure should appear.

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