Révo Scan and 2 axis turnable


I’m starting with Révopoint Mini with a 2-axis turntable and Révo scan 5.2.3.

I would like to know if it is possible to program the rotation angles of 2 axis of the turntable before starting the scan? And also know if we can start the scan and the turntable with the same button? If this is not currently possible, I think it would be good to think about it in the next updates of Revo Scan.

Best regards from France.


I would suggest that you start the rotation your dual axis before you start the scanning button , MINI is very sensitive scanner for overlapping , please try to use less overlapping situations with MINI as that can result with less accuracy and details and long time of cleaning … Not to mention any distance change while scanning will affect the results as well ( angles)

Any stop while scanning will accumulate addition data that will affect the 0.02mm accuracy …

The only way to have it proper would be to have full angle changing in a fluid path, without stops , just from point A to point B …

Possible it is , hopefully Revi Scan 5 get the proper programming for the Dual axis

Thank you very much for your answer.
Have a good day.