Programming Dual-Axis Turn Table

I can’t seem to find settings in RevoScan5 to program the rotations of the turn table at different x-axis angles. Was that feature removed? If so, why? I found these settings in an older version:

Exactly…This is an important feature that needs to be included. I bought this turntable solely to have this feature.

Looks like removed

Indeed it would be fine to integrate the turntable to revoscan more smoothely. Best would be if the scsnner knew how the TT rotates und could predict its movement. I know this would make necesary some kind of calibration to get the starting position, but this eould be great.

Hi @wmcnally

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Thank you for your suggestion. I will provide this feedback to our dev team.

Hi @wmcnally

This feature is not supported in Revo Scan5 and will be considered for addition in subsequent releases.

I found this also. There is open source program on GitHub. I’ve had someone make a html code which works nicely, going to get it made into a windows exe program as well
I had it made with multiple lines, so rotate 360°, tilt however many degrees, rotate again. Have added in a pause option as well so it can be use for photography as well.

If you have Android phone , here is full android app with all possible combinations for the dual axis … including photogrammetry.