Scanning with MINI - RevoScan last Mac version - testing dual axis turntable

Hello everyone,
finally, the mac version of RevoScan has been released which can use the dual-axis turntable. So I was able to do a quick test.
To enable the dual axis turntable with the MINI it is necessary to audit the firmware. Everything can be done quickly when RevoScan starts: a dialogue box will appear inviting you to update the firmware. This will take a few minutes.
Once the update has been carried out, the dual-axis turntable icon will appear at the bottom bar: at this point, by clicking on the icon, it is necessary to pair via Bluetooth.
After pairing and connecting, you can set the rotation speed and the angle: this for every rotation up to five rotations.

I did the test scan with a small bust (12 cm), below the images during settings, the scan and after fusing and meshing.