Revo Scan 5.2.1 - Fill Holes

I would love some clarity with the instructions that appear in the FIll Holes sidebar, please. It says “to manually select the holes on the model” … does this mean using one of the selection tools in the toolbar on the far right? If so, when I do this, the only option is to delete what I selected, not fill in the hole.

What am I missing?

Bone Lady
aka Pamela

Hi Pamela , no you have to detect holes first , for most of your bones it will be curved option , after your holes are detected you need to click with your mouse on the green holes indicator that you want to close, they will turn red after a right click, then you click apply and the selected holes will close .

The tools on the right do not works with the hole function , it is only to select and cut your mesh or point cloud