Fill some holes but not others

How do I use studio to fill some holes but not others in the mesh? Detect holes detects all of them but there does not seem to be a way to deselect some before filling. My model has actual valid holes in it that should not be filled.

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Maybe better use meshmixer and/or meshlab for that then?

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You can adjust the size of the holes to be closed , but there is not an option to close only holes you want to be closed , usually that is not an valid program option .

I suggest you rescan the model the proper way , or close all holes and open the one you want using the lasso function , select the hole you want to open one by one and remove the faces .

Revo Studio is not modeling software , just simple scan data editor to make the models water tight .
If you want better control you should use a proper modeling program for that kind of editing .