Hole filling - Curve/GOM Inspect

This has probably been discussed a million times. I have a little project where I have some rather curved surfaces and I’ve used markers on them. I’ve removed the marker and used the curvature setting to fill the hole. It’s awful. It didn’t follow the curvature more just bridged the gap.
I use GOM Inspect for a lot of my work. This is free software. They have a mesh hole fill which is awesome! Now I’ve no real issues in exporting the job, loading up GOM and then fixing it, then it’s done but wouldn’t this be great to get these results straight from the software?

I can’t find out what algorithms they use but if they are allowing free use then I most certainly doubt it’s developed by them.

I’ve added some image to show the difference in results. Even using a Rough setting in GOM gets a nice result that follows the surface.


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Thanks for the feedback, it’s very helpful! I’ll share this suggestion with our dev team and look forward to adding this to the software they are working on.


Awesome thanks! I know this is off topic, but please bring back the set up for the dual axis table. Previously you could set it up to rotate so many times and adjust the angle and scan again, it was so nice to be able to do that :slight_smile:

For that, I believe You have full controll with Revopoint companion app, there is also community apps that can even run on browser and you can set how you want it to behave or script your motion



Cool I’ve found it. Works perfect!

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Re GOM Inspect: Is it free or is it a “free trial” of their Professional version? All I see when I go to their “Free GOM Inspect” product page is a “Free Trial” download button for their Professional version. Don’t see any download link for a $FR.EE version.

It is free yes. There are pro features but I’ve genuinely never needed to use them in my work flow. Tends to be alignment of scans, picking up holes and best fitting shapes and planes.
I can’t remember if you have to trial the pro and then it goes onto the free version.

download the trial, it reverts to basic after the time limit, basic has a lot of features that are great to use

Unfortunately, I found that this software is not for me.

First, I wasted an inordinate amount of time on their site trying to find GOM Inspect Free. Oh, finding the page labelled as such is easy. Once you get there, there is no download button for GOM Inspect Free. The ONLY button there is one for a trial version of the “Pro version”. When I went to chat with their rep online, even he did not know how to get GOM Inspect Free and had to track down someone who did.
Strike One.

You cannot load GOM Inspect. You have to load the Zeiss Quality Suite and, true to its name, there are other programs (neither asked for nor wanted) in addition to GOM Inspect that automatically installs. Foul Ball.

After installing the Pro Version (which apparently reverts to free if you do not purchase a Pro license after 30 days), I found that it apparently installs a Windows server component onto your system to provide data back to the manufacturer, meaning there are undisclosed data being sent out of your system. Strike Two.

It also appears that your project is being stored on their systems. Three years ago I wouldn’t have minded, but these days with all the security breeches and loss of personal data, I avoid all “cloud” apps as much as is humanly possible these days. [I do not subscribe to any cloud applications (e.g. *MS Office 360*) and I want to be aware of exactly what data are being sent outside my system BEFORE they are sent.] I have plenty of space on my own personal network here and neither need nor want my project data (and other data) being stored on a network that I have no idea how secure it is. I also want to be able to do my work independent of an internet connection. Strike Three!

So the bottom line is, I deleted GOM Inspect and all of the other bloatware I didn’t ask for nor want, along with ALL of the components it loaded onto my system. I have no doubt that some (many?) folks here might enjoy this software and don’t have the same quirky feelings I do, but GOM Inspect simply isn’t for me.

“There is no free lunch…”

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