How can I completely turn off Hole Filling

The part I’m trying to scan has 0.25" holes in it. The part is about 34"x30". When I convert it to Mesh, it fills in the holes. I’ve tried adjusting the “Hole Hilling Auto” settings (and without it on), but it just gets worse. Can it not handle 0.25" holes?

I’m guessing the algorithm in Revoscan thinks that the voids in your point cloud are not features but just a region of less data.

You can try another software. GOM Inspect is a freemium reverse engineering software that can do some basic meshing and mesh editing. It is a much more complex piece of software and may be able to better detect holes.

Another option that is well liked is cloud compare which is an open source project. This software may have a learning curve however.

As shown in your image, the hardware is perfectly capable of scanning the features but the meshing side of the software doesn’t seem sensitive enough to handle such fine features.

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The holes are too small for this meshing functionality under the profile of Range , it only uses very low % of the actual point cloud while meshing , other wise you would have a monster model in size .
Try to mesh the fused point cloud using Cloud Compare .