Request for App Depository


Hi! as some older versions of published software seem to work better (at least for some people) I suggest and kindly ask you to make a depository of all the versions for Revopoint POP to choose from and to try out which suits the best.


Good suggestion, that will benefit everyone, including Revopoint so as people can try, inform about potential regressions and references


Good idea, it’s always good to have the choice, because sometimes by correcting some bugs we create othersz for other users, it’s the joys of development …


Did anyone get anywhere with this? I have installed the latest firmware but my software is locking up and losing track more now. Someone suggested using an older software version! Which one and where can I find it? Thanks folks

I’ve seen others with similar problems to yours, assuming you are running Windows version.

Something that helped them was to uninstall the software, manually remove any software installed files left over to make sure it is fully clean, then install the latest software again.

Thanks I already did that due to another issue.

Did you install in Administrator mode?