Real-time data publishing and software interoperability

Hi, I am currently working with a RealSense camera to scan and reconstruct objects that need to be measured in real time to update the coordinates of a robot. Is it possible to extract or publish the data to use with some Python libraries like OpenCV or Open3D in a way to automatize the processes? Now for example I can run a script to capture points with their real coordinates, so I can reconstruct in Rhinoceros3D the mesh that I then analyze always with the same points that are projected on the surface, this way I can update the position of the points on the z axis and export the values back to the robot. Is it possible to run some code that allows to perform this kind of workflow?

The RealSense 3D scanner is an Intel product line introduced in 2018 (several variants were obsoleted in February, 2022). It is distinctly different from the Revopoint products, using a different technology to acquire 3D data. A comparison is available here: .

I found some references to an SDK here:

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Hi @JeffLindstrom, thanks for your reply. I know how the RealsSense works and my question was about the possibility of Revopoint allowing to use SDK or if you only can just use it with the Revo Studio software. Is there any repository available? I have made my own codes to use the Realsense camera but now I would like to use a hardware like yours, that’s why I’m asking you.

I have read here and there that an SDK is possible in the future, but have no inside information on if or when.

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