Focus issue when scanning

I have an item that when it scans the “focus” changes. so the mesh will have multiple versions of the object. is there a way i can turn off whatever auto focus is making it “jump” around.

There is not auto focus , the focus is infinite starting from 10cm .

The “jumping” happening when the frames trying to align .

I would recommend to uncheck the " Remove Plane" option under the Depth Camera preview . It will stop the jumping to some degrees allowing to capture better data and volume that is smaller than 10x10x10 cm

If the option is checked it will remove most volume from the plate that is smaller than 10x10x10 cam

When you scan objects keep the distance of 10 or 20 cm consistent , any changes in the distance between the scanner and the object center while scanning can results in difference of details being captured .

How closer the object how more details are captured , and it has nothing to do with focus of the camera , but has to do with the pattern begin projected on the surface of the object , how close the object how sharper the pattern and sharper the scanning details .

I appreciate your response. I am new to this tool and the terminlology as well so i appreciate the corrections So the item i want to scan is approximately 160 cm tall. I was running the capture from around 25 to 30 CM away from the object. The remove plane was already unchecked. Does that mean its to tall to be scanned?

And what scanner you are using for that , if I may ask ?
Can you post a screenshot or picture of the object ?

MINI is definitely not made for scanning this size of objects .
POP2 can scan it in Body mode , but all depends of the object’s features .

Sorry I didnt see you had replied. I do have a POP2 and it was in body and features mode. I have attached a picture

Is that a shoe insert ? It will be not easy object to scan because on the sides it will probably lose tracking easy , you may try with Head mode , Body mode have too low accuracy .

If you have issues on that just scan it flat on a black background ( garbage back) but some small other objects around and hand help in head or body mode you can scan it in second , then the other side and merge later in Revo Scan .

If the rubber object is moving the way you have now then it will not works , one shake or bend and Yu have to start over .

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Appreciate the feedback. I will try your reccomendations. If they do not I will pursue other means.

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@PUTV is there a breakdown that says what each mode is best for that i could reference for future projects?

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Not really , but Face, Head and Body mode speak for itself.
It’s not made exactly just for face, head or body but as representative of the size of the object .

It is not secret that if the object fits exactly in the preview window of your depth camera / RGB it will track better without the needs of multiple partial scanning .
Body mode uses less data so don’t means you can just scan at once 6 ft person , but the other modes allows you better objects regarding to the size .

Each object needs own individual approach so there is not standard for all .

As we always say, practice more , and you will learn your tool the better way in practice by simply trial and error .