RANGE does not connect to any Wifi Anymore

I’ve heard some say thiers never did but the entire time Ive owned my RANGE, Ive scanned to any device on my network with the Revo Scan app with the RANGE connected to my WIFI AP… why all of a sudden now it will not connect to any WIFI AP??

Hi @black.jmyntrn
My Range connects well before and now .
Did you try to connect via WiFi to PC / computer to test it out ?

If you still have the issue I recommend you write to customer@revopoint3d.com with your issue as they may have better answer for this case and help you out .

Same issue with my POP3 here …

@new23d please write to customer@revopoint3d.com with your hardware issue .

I can’t help with that in the forum .
Please include all information in the email including serial number if your scanner, system and software you are using .


I did and I even used the PC to change the client mode AP name a couple times with no luck. will send an email.

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Make sure you include the Info what you did and what you want exactly, that means client mode WiFi what is tricky , I only use host mode since I have 2 WiFi adapters in my system and never issues , the most issues I see around when users switching to client mode , using illegal signs , too long passwords , issues with their routers , but I am sure the technical support will help you out.

Well, for starters, thanks to support I got a file that reset the scanner and then all worked again.

I only use client mode and I got past all issues even the one where the RANGE wont connect to wifi with ‘@’ as a starting character for the password… who would’ve thought and all my other wifi clients used the passcode just fine. ha

The thing is, no one has given trust to using wifi as it’s read to me all over the internet. The RANGE as client to a strong router like the Banana PI R3 I use, it makes it so any device on my network can use RevoScan and connect to the scanner. How its used now, a powerful mini gaming PC is connects WIFI6, RANGE on powerpack connected to WIFI as well, and then my phone is used to remote desktop to the PC. I had a tablet but accidentally threw it in the trash can. smdh. It was better RD on larger screen. So this way, the saved files are syncs with another PC so I can scan a lot and still have another machine processing the scans while another gets the scans in the areas that need more scans for.

Only problem or… issue… WIFI 1 has IP dhcp which different from WIFI 2. they have to be separated for this implementation, but even tho routing and all works on clients on WIFI 1 and talk easy to clients on WIFI 2. If RANGE is on WIFI 1, no clients on WIFI 2 can pick it up. headache when I want to scan somewhere further from the gaming machine and WIFI 1… but I can RD behind WIFI 1 to a machine on WIFI 2 plus all the other networking goodies. but not scan! heh I work around it