Too much features is bad?

Have got the POP3 for two months now and I am generally satisfied with the accuracy which is within 0.1 mm if the scanner can get close enough to the object.

In this experiement, I scanned a piece of plywood 123 mm tall and 17.7 mm thick . As the object is featureless, I added some small blocks at the bottom to assist tracking. Everythings were put on the turn table. The scanner looked down to the object at about 45 degrees. The distance was just in the “good” range. The scanner was re-calibrated before use.

What’s intresting is that adding more features kills accuracy as depicted in the attached pictures. The numbers indicate the error magnitude in mm. +ve number means the dimension of the model is larger than the actual.

Not sure how the fusion algorithm works but adding more features at the bottom may reduce the attention given to the top hence poorer accuracy there ?

I recommend you remove all parts of the raw scan before you fuse it . You will get better results . The fusing and future processing depends on the scanned volume , having scanned too many parts that are not important downgrading the overall results while processing .

So before you start Fusing , remove everything else under Raw edit by selecting Edit all frames and use the tolls to select everything you want to delete , then click Fusing it will ask you to save the editing on the original raw files ( saved raw edit can’t be undo )

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