PUTV - INSPIRE 3D Scanner Showcase

Surprisingly you could do that … it was just testing out and it did pretty well !

Wheel Hubcap | Feature Mode | Handheld Scanning

Revo Scan 5.2.3

Zbrush Preview



Such a clean scan. Lovely.


Great scan Catharina!


Thanks Andrew , tried out the new Attblime’s Super White 1h 3D spray , it gives me a flawless surface , was really surprised of the results .


Thank you Davide !

ABX? I can’t seem to buy that in the UK. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while.

Yes ABX , lovely surface after spraying , don’t generates too much noises after scanning …complete mate like a latex white paint . The can last so much longer compared to other companies as you don’t need too much of it .

The smell don’t bothers me much either, but it have some smell just not as irritating .

You can buy from the Attblime shop in Germany or The Netherlands . The prices seems all the same .

I am looking now for the transparent and it would be perfect collection …

I am going to buy now the 1L container for the airbrush after testing out the 400ml can . Half the price …


They don’t ship to the UK unfortunately. I’ve reached out to some Attblime suppliers in the UK to see if they can supply it.

Toyota Wheel - Hubcap Standard Mode | Handheld Scanning

Revo Scan 5.2.4

Zbrush Preview



16 years old souvenir : original Toyota Corolla Wheel Hubcap :wink:
2 scans merged, front and back .

Hybrid - Old and New

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Catharina, Your scans are amazing as always! Tell us how you scanned the wheel hudcap. On a turntable or manual scanning? Are you using supplemental light?
Do you have a video recording of the scanning process?

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Hi Nick, thank you

I actually needed just the logo , but when I saw how well it scanning I go for a test out .

I put a high can on top of a turntable , then on top I put the hubcap , far away from the bottom around 10 inches , then used my Attblime ABX super white 3D spray since the hubcap was chrome .
I set the scanner on a standard settings and feature mode .

I handheld the scanner and started to scan outside part first , after 350 rotation I moved slowly towards inside until I catch everything . I keep the scan at 45 degrees so it don’t hit just the top flat surface to avoid losing tracking …I did not even once …

The same with the inside part however it was slightly more difficult because I needed to take the inside parts as well .
I had like 2 attempts scans just in case before the 3D spray vanish …
I fused it at 0.35mm and merged inside Revo Scan with around 16 matching points .

To be honest I did not believed it will be successful scan session and merge , but boy I was surprised … and when I saw the metal wire …I was shocked

I scanned in a very dark environment , I just look on the Depth Camera viewer while scanning , I could use tripod arm for more precision , but I wanted to check the IMU capacity.

No I don’t have video while scanning as it was just attempt to capture the logo that got out of hand :joy:

I will make picture of the set later today , if you scan a hubcap make sure it do not touch the ground or top of the turntable , because you will get bad edges .

I made test the other day with POP2 and the results was 50% less good , especially the edges and surface … so for me INSPIRE landed just before POP3 on the list …


Actually You do, you can export your raw capture directly to video with the Frame Player :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t used color scanning so no color frames :crazy_face:
, I may actually create video on that as I think users would be interested to see process like that .


i will update the Player to run on depth converted to Greyscale when no color is present i will tag You when it is done :wink:

Hi rilot, did you try here

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Yes, they put it up on their site after I emailed them about it. I’ve ordered some this morning.

MINIATURE Beta Test Color | Turntable| Standard Feature | Tripod

Revo Scan 5.2.4

[] Standard Fusion at 0.1mm

[] Advanced Fusion at 0.2mm Point Distance

Zbrush Preview

RingI soire1

Lego Minecraft

[] Advanced Fusion at 0.2mm Point Distance

Zbrush Preview



NOTE : Please remember that INSPIRE 3D scanner is not advertised to scan miniatures not it will replace MINI , just becouse we as Beta testers pushing it to its limits to see its hardware potential with our scanning skills and practice , don’t means that what is advertised or claimed by Revopoint. Please always relay on the specifications of a 3D scanner your purchasing according to your needs provided by Revopoint, and you will be never disappointed .


Excellent. It’s amazing it can do the Minifigs isn’t it? I’m impressed by the ring too.
I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve nicked your disclaimer about small scans and put it in my showcase too.

Thank you Andy … no problem

Yes , that is good idea after all what INSPIRE can do beyond their own specifications is just a bonus , and not a selling point …