Possibility to save image of the model

Good Morning, I have made some scan with range,
I think is interesting into menu file the possibility to save jpg-bmp-pnp image so I can save into my archive… now I must export import into stl into another program and save the image… but too long… another think how I can change the color of the relief… I need grey instead blue but I don’t know of to do… many thanks

Use screenshot function to save the images and rescale for your need .

You have also saved preview image of your model under the project .

You can’t change the blue to gray , it is OpenGL preview … not editable

You can use any free image editor and change the color by desaturating it .

Many thanks that my last test

angel with cross dimension 2157mm x 2348 mm


angel with flower dimension 2192x2234 mm

it’s not perfect because I have only half an hour to make the two scan, and they are very big, unfortunately I have only my phone and range scanner because the tablet was out of battery… so I have made 5 different scan for each model and join with revo5 but the result it’s not to bad

I’m waiting for miraco hope soon…
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Which I means with the grey it’s more easy to find the problem

this is a high relief I don’t know why it loose so many detail when I fuse also with 6 of precision…

I heard that the preview shader will be changed next month or so, so you can better inspect the details .


finally! it was about time!:partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

I am approving this message ! :laughing: :joy:

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