Camera just for Photos?

Hi All,
I understand that the Miraco has quite a nice inbuuilt camera for capturing RGB data for texturing.
Can it also be used just as a camera … for taking reference photos ?
I have been doing some scanning inside an aircraft cockpit, picking up the switch panels for a simulator.
It would be great to be able to use the scanner to snap reference photos while scanning instead of carrying a second camera.

Overall, I am really pleased with the Miraco scanner, nice quality and awesome convenience :slight_smile:

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Hi Mike ,

Nice job ! Sadly you can’t take individual photos using MIRACO
There is no access to the system camera app what is total different app .

However you can use @X3msnake app to convert the images into single picture from your project , or even create full video of your project for reference.
I don’t have the link under my hand I am on my phone .
But if @X3msnake don’t reply early I will post for you tomorrow where to download .
It is very easy application and convert IMG files to proper color jpg.


Revoscan Frame Player in GitHub

Compiled binaries can be found in the latest release.

On another subject

There is also a new tool to create a valid project from a data folder with scans inside
The script can be found inside the project’s helper folder but that one i have no compiled binary yet; you need to have python installed to use it

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Hey Thank you !
These are great tools !

That is some detailed exacting scan i see of the 4th image there.
Impressive. I have a MIRACO, just need an airplane now lol.
Ok, Please scan everything on that plane! Even the fasteners, and that should be good enough to produce a viable download to send to the 3d printer, and it can even be scaled down to save money on building/fuel/running costs, because I’m short and short a plane. The Plane! The Plane!

That scanning could even result in the most detailed interior for a rc model that matches the exterior exactly.

It’s interesting how adjusting the various settings differently can really produce different results, helpful after trying them a few times and creating a system of protocol from training.
Lighting levels, angle of incidence of light related shadowing or reflection, sprinkling on fine powders to bring surfaces to detection, I should order a can of that self disolving spray as I seem to want to scan electronic items and that should solve having to clean powder off surfaces of objects after scanning them.
Its trippy what a 3d scan of the eyes can end up looking like, lol.
One scan of my face, the face was accurate, and the eyes had a alien thing going on maybe from my eyes moving around in their sockets during scanning while the face remained not moving, so the tracking of the eyes blurred and it was kinda cool.

Don’t use powders on electronics, they are abrasive and can damage it , use vanishing 3D spray , for fine details I use Attblime ABX Zero or Super White . Remember it don’t have to be white , just slightly dusted with the spray .

Just thought of something, it could work for certain objects, it would be possible to wrap items in stretchable non gloss materials of a any color light enough for the scanner to get a good acknowledgement of the surface. Perhaps depending on the geometry of the object, this is possible.
The material could be something such as certain types of vehicle wrap that can be removed and reapplied and is flexible rather than the nonflexible vehicle wrap type of material.

This would be to help avoid having to apply powders, or sprays to certain scannable objects.

I was trying using basic flour and flicking it towards the objects before scanning, not tried any sprays such as people have mentioned, including baby powder not made from actual babies placed into a press, which means its not really powderized baby or babies, but from something similar to soapstone instead, which is important to make the distinction about if to attempt to formulate DIY scanning spray materials based reading too literally lists of ingredients such as baby powder mixed with water in a spray bottle, or baby oil not really containing any sebacious oils, as vulcans or a.i. trying to make sense of sarcasm, lol.


Happy scanning.

Many people I know uses kids water paint and airbrush to scan big car parts or cars , it is easy washable with water, no toxic and cheap.

I would not use any flour with water , it will activate the flour when mixed with water and hard to clean . Rice flour with alcohol is one of the best choices too .

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