Help onto scan range scanner

Good morning, I continue to test range, bu how I can solve that problem,
inside the scan revoscan save the data-minute-secon I think…
but inside that directory all the file are fuse.ply and fuse_mesh. ply
is possible add also the name… it’s more easy to copy and understand what inside…

and also
how i can solve the problem of plane inside like that

when I mesh the scan with fill hole the result was that

and I must understand what I must do for better result…

any help…

For scanning narrow recessed areas, rotate the scanner so that the imaginary line between the two sensors is parallel to the edges.

For objects like this with curved recessions, rotate either the scanner or the object.

You should do this as quickly as possible because continued scanning on the non-recessed areas will increase the noise (resulting in the surface looking rougher than it is). Experiments may be necessary to get the best scan.


The files are under separate project folder , you can view each model from the model list and export them under the name you desire .
The files under the projects can’t have different names as they are part of the processing in the software itself .

Export your files with desired names .

You did not completed the scan 100% , the main relief is casting shadow , try to capture it from all directions and not just top as that is 2D relief you got there after scanning and not 3D .

Try to scan all angles
And if you closing holes you need to use tangent space not plane .