Black hoses and slightly reflective nylon tubes

Does anyone use the POP 3 for black hoses and slightly reflective nylon tubes?

Hi @jcamper1981
It depends of the material , if it anything like black nylon it will be invisible to the scanner , also black rubber, silicone and any black material that have any kind of higher IOR will be hard to scan without using 3D spray .
Remember the scanner projects a infrared pattern to be able to scan the surface , if the surface material absorb infrared , it will be invisible .

It is not too much to do with a black color , but the physical material proportions , for example black cotton can be scanned the same way as white cotton .

But waxes, rubber, silicone, plastic , resin have higher IOR and infrared absorption level for that reason not good for scanning without 3D spray .

There are if course many alternatives to 3D spray if your objects are washable .

Also think about the nature if your objects you plan to scan , one of them are features that are used as a tracking points . Tubes do not have any features so unless you use a marker mode with lots of markers or add additional objects for tracking , this kind of volumes are hard to scan on it’s own due to lack of tracking and lack of features .

I got you
I currently have a Faro arm edge with laser line probe… it does just “ok” with rubber hoses but nylon tubes i spray with foot spray… lol

seems like it will be about the same situations

i’m only using this when I can’t get to the Faro arm

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I use rubber mats to prevent the scanner from capturing the surface , it is highly IR absorbing , so unless you use anything to spray it over , it will be the same issue or even worse . Visible laser light scanners have much stronger reflection rate than infrared laser. Infrared get absorbed by any material that was made using oil or petroleum. In this case your rubber hose and nylon tubes are on the bad to scan list . But all it needs is some foot spray, dry shampoo, zinc oxide or water paint to get the job done .not to forget about starches, like corn starch or rice starch .

all this being said it sounds like you would still recommend the POP3
i was also looking at the Creality Scan Ferret pro but not sure on that one at all

Forget about Creality scanners , they don’t make it , they resell it , so short life on support here .

If you buying scanners, only from companies that make them including their software , this way your scanner have long support .

I would recommend POP3 or INSPIRE, depends of what the accuracy is you looking for , INSPIRE is as good as POP3, if you don’t care about color scanning go with INSPIRE .

I find INSPIRE is good in scanning the less featured objects as it need less features while scanning .

You can check my INSPIRE showcase here

And POP3 here : PUTV - POP 3 Showcase

99.9% of the stuff i will scan will be rubber hoses with clamps and SOMETIMES mesh sleeves

Do you have a picture with size of the stuff you going to scan ? I think you will be fine with INSPIRE or POP3 , both works just fine .

See attached
Just whichever you think would provide the most detail

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Remember you will have to use some additional objects around to be able to easy scan this type of objects , for the tube you don’t need really that high accuracy , but fir tye metal parts you will be good with POP3 ( you will need to use spray in that metal part as well )

You can also try dark mode on the rubber and use less spray .

So I think POP3 will be most versatile for you .

Yea, i think thats the best route
I think i might just buy the standard pop 3 with a 10 dollar spintable from Walmart

Spread those targets across it and go

Unless you think there is a reason i should order the advanced

The advanced have only extra accessories, for your needs not really usable . Get yourself a good power bank and you good to go .

Check Amazon prices too if you have Amazon prime .

What is a power bank anyway?
Some kind rechargeable battery?

Yes , and they are actually cheap , you can charge with it phone or scanner while using .

So it doesn’t have to be any certain power bank?

To be honest, inspire wil do the job for better price. Use dry hair wash spray or aesub spray and other features for easier scan.
I did scan of a 370mm brake disc without a spray with just an 3d printed sculpture as a tracking feature and got a beautiful scan with it. (I have few easier and harder scans with it but don’t have the time to post here). If you prep your scan you’ll get beautiful scans in couple of minutes.

5V with 1Am to 2 AM max output
For reference

Thank you
You’re a huge help

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