POP2 3D Scan Buildups

First Time in this forum, Since my purchase and testing using POP2 scan is quite challenging for any scans small or bigger parts, unnecessary scan buildups, even using on portable turntable scanner stationed or handheld lot of extra scan buildups, takes time removing them or for final edits, can anyone suggest software/firmware update available or hints which can eliminate these buildups.

Hi @Vince12 welcome to the forum .

You should not have any "build up " you will if you overscanning the model multiple times , to have a model nice and clean you scan just one 360 degrees rotation and not over scan it again .

Use proper fusing settings , the best are the Advanced mode and allow the software to suggest the fusing setting , it depends of the volume … usually 0.2 and up are ok … after that you should run cleaning of the lose points once and overlapped points twice .
When you go to meshing you should remember the settings of your fusing and look at the Grid to match it , or allow the software to do it for you …

Then you have perfect result the easy way .

Please try it !