Digital0785 Pop 3 showcase

POP 3 coming in hot with fill lights and exposure buttons on the back and last but not least the IMU. This truly makes it a smoother experience… Everything keeps tracking easier, color is better, and it gets further into areas with the fill

Global site: POP 3: The Handheld 3D Scanner with Color Scans - Revopoint
US site: POP 3: The Handheld 3D Scanner with Color Scans - Revopoint

Here are the highlights of POP 3:

  • 9-axis IMU for smoother scanning and better tracking
  • Auxiliary LEDs for better color scans and marker tracking
  • Up to 0.05mm Single-frame Precision
  • 12 to 18fps Scanning Speeds
  • Up to 0.05mm Resolution



Fused on .2 advanced and then 1 round of smoothing on stock settings nice and clean

little lenox pepper shaker.
it’s all shiny so given it’s without any spray it did very well :slight_smile:

gain fling container

sketcher .05 fused 6 meshed bottom smoothness is due to me wearing them down

salt/ pepper shaker I got in aruba

Reverse engineering scans
this version of manifold done in 18fps speed mode, fused at .7 advanced fusing and auto meshed

Scanned in high accuracy mode auto fuse and default mesh settings with hole filling

sprayed with aesub so i can make a bracket to replace the bent metal with something pretty and 3d printed

i can rely on it being dead nuts accurate as all my other revo hardware has been this truly is a game changer with these added features, I’d say the future is shining bright for revo with the quality they’re going up against


Nice showcase!!


The manifold is very impressive.


it definitely came out clean I’m going with the simplest workflow so I’m sure I could’ve even gotten a better result with a bit of cleanup and such but the fact it picked up the nipple nicely and such makes me very happy perfect for Reverse engineering honestly even the high speed one would be good for RE but the other one just looks prettier LOL

i’m super impressed with how generally easy it is to get a clean scan :slight_smile:

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