POP 3 vs. Mini showing details

Hi there,
yesterday my new POP 3 arrived, ans I did a few tests with various settings of processing. You always see the mesh,

The object is a prehistoric sherd 4500 BC with finely incised decorattions.

I must say, POP3 is disappointing somehow…or did I make some mistakes? Should I calibrate the POP 3?

Even at fusion (advanced) 0,2 the mini shows far more details. The POP 3 mesh fused standard at 0.05 - the most detailed settings - is worst to me…

I would expect the MIni to show more detail. That’s the Mini’s strong point.


Yeah, but not so strong!
POP 3 scan at “best” settings is hardly usable…

Hi Daniel , POP3 with Advanced mode delivered as much details as MINI here, MINI have just more noises but the details are the same as there are no 0.08mm details on that ceramic to begin with

Keep POP3 at max 15 cm distance between your scanner and the object , do not overscan , one 360 rotation per scan …

send me one scan rotation of MINi at 360 and one of POP 3 … best would be as project zipped ( not need to process I will do it myself ) send to putvmail@gmail.com
I will show you the details precisely on both scans without the noises … so you can see the true capture .

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I will try…first problem: at 15 cm POPr says I’m too near…

but the flat board ( white side ) at exactly 15cm from the scanner for a test , change the range slider to minimum and then see if it works . I will check on you later this afternoon …


I sent you the transfer link

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Hi @Archaeoscan.by ,

Thank you for your post. Actually, it’s normal that MINI shows more details because from the spec, its accuracy is better than POP 3.

The POP 3 and MINI are designed for different application, use different technology, and with different accuracy. So they’re not a replacement but a complementary.

Therefore, I think it’s no need to compare these two. When you scan small objects, then use the MINI. If you want to scan the medium sized objects and you need the color, then use the POP 3.

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Hi Cassie,
thank you for your reply. I don’t think that the details are to small for pop3’s specifications. This was also PUTVs opionin. Maybe Cathy could help us here.

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