Scanning 1:6 scale figurine heads

Hi, I’m using pop 3 and trying to scan a head sculpt but I having a hard time getting a detailed output. Does anyone have any tips for this? Thanks in advance!

hI! can you please share your settings as well as pics of the object you want to scan and your scanning setup?

As Ivan already say , show some screenshots from RS5 with your settings , and a picture of your scanned object, size

Remember that best details are always at the closest distance …but I suspect you fusing it and meshing at much higher settings that you should , and lose the details …

So what is the size of the object what distance
The material it is made of
Fusing settings
Meshing settings

Hi, everyone. Apologies for the late response. Here’s the screenshots and pics. The object is around 52mm or 2.06 inches

Here is the settings:

Mesh settings:

Fusion settings:

Hi! Did you try this fusing+meshing option? it is quite a capable one, especially when not (much) of unwanted points/data around object captured.

if you use manual fusion workflow: here you can pull the slider to lower settings. but when you mesh it afterwards (“Quality”), take care “grid size” is as close as possible to the settings you used under fusion. e.g. if under fusion and advance you value was 0.1mm, under meshing quality tehe value for “grid size” should ideally be 0.1mm, too.

Please share your findings and results after trying that out.

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often you can actually capture more of details when scanning in the range between “too near” and “excellent”. as you scan on a turntable , it is easy to keep that constant distance.

one more thing. when you scan something like that, always change distance parameters (both near and far distance) until only your object is getting scanned and none of surroundings. it gives you better tracking, less junk data, better post processing.

I have base removal turned on,too.

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I see Ivan was first :laughing:

Yes the fussing settings is too low , it need to go between 0.1-0.2 at maximum
The meshing Grid need to show 0.1or 0.2 as well.

Please clean your point cloud after fusing from overlapped points and lose points , avoid to have any background scanned together with the object . Set the proper scanning range to avoid it .

Don’t use one click function if you looking for details . It is good for a coffee mug not fine detailed head sculpture .

Please scan 2 passes of a objects at least , one 360 degrees pass will not give you full 3D scan and some edges will be smoothed out so one round front top standing , and one lay down on the side , both cleaned well and merged .

You did not yet reached the maximum accuracy of POP3 , practice makes perfect hopefully by next attempt will be better …

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Thanks for the replies and tips. Will definitely try these.