Time to brag - superior scan with POP3

With tons of help/tips from this forum (you know who you are), I’ve found success using the POP 3 to scan (abnormal) neck bones of horses for a research project.

I just wanted to share this one because it was tricky. It’s a 1st thoracic vertebra that SHOULD have a pair of normal ribs articulating to it. But in this particular syndrome one or both 1st ribs do not fully develop and are essentially “stubs”.

This is one specimen (from dissection) and I wanted to scan it with the rudiment attached to the T1. I had to use museum putty which was not that easy to stick and stay stuck as the turn-table moved during scanning. BUT … I finally succeeded and I am THRILLED with the results.

Thank you Revopoint for continuing to improve upon the software. I will definitely credit you in the final publication.

Bone Lady aka Pamela @ Equus-Soma Osteology & Anatomy Learning Center (USA)


Awsome work Master :slight_smile:


Excellent work Pamela and you more than welcome … don’t forget to share more of your great scans in the future, you can add them to this thread as your personal collection .