ZoltanTheZ POP 3 Showcase - Coyote!

The POP 3 is here, and it is very impressive!

You can pre-order it now!
Global site: Revopoint POP 3: Portable 3D Scanner for Vibrant Color Scans
US Site: Revopoint POP 3: Portable 3D Scanner for Vibrant Color Scans


That’s incredible. I scanned a deer skull with my mini but had lots of open sections around the nose. How is that so detailed compared to my mini… You can see the rough areas of bone and everything

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A lot of the detail that you see is probably in the texture map.

I scanned a Lynx skull with the MINI and was able to capture surface roughness in the model geometry.

The Coyote scanned with the POP 3 is not as detailed as the scan from the MINI, but it was still able to capture a very good model.

Here is the model

You can see that a lot of the fine cracks and pits are in the texture, but the surface roughness at the back of the skull is in the mesh. What I find impressive in these scans is how well it handles the deep pockets and undercuts.

I will also mention that the color accuracy and quality in the texture are a result of my inexperience with the POP 3 and the new white-light flash. I need to get better at dialing in the exposure control and limiting the effects of light in the environment. I am confident that, with some practice, I can capture very accurate color data in the textures.

Here is a Deer that I scanned with the POP3 without color data.