POP 2 - scanning an antique blue & white DELFT vase with turntable and texture optimization

Hello everyone,
today I show you the scan, made with the POP 2, of a Delft vase with a rich decoration.

The 3D scanning was performed by placing the vase on the turntable and mounting the scanner on the tripod.

Scanning was performed in color mode, to test the result of the “texture optimization”.
The Delft vase has a rather uniform shape and reflective surface, and for these reasons it is quite difficult to scan.

Scanning was performed by keeping the turntable in rotation and, gradually, lifting the scanner mounted on the tripod, using the telescopic extension.

Once the 3D scan of the entire vase was completed, the point cloud was fused.

As you can see in the images, a part of the scan is not correctly aligned to the others.

Despite this problem, the software is able to correctly position them to the others once the fusion of the point cloud is finished.

The next step was creating the mesh.

… and finally, the final step, creating the optimized texture.

The final result.

Details of 3D model compared to the photographic image.


I see the textures from POP2 are still fuzzy , better but fuzzy , using RGB sensor for this low accuracy will never works . The Creality Lizard 3D scanner have already an option to use it with DSL or Phone for texturing and it looks very promising as so much details can be added to the model by having perfect sharp textures . I hope Revopoint consider to expand the kit for that purpose . It would be a game changer at least in my work.

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Thank you for your comment.

May I know your application for the 3D scanner? Btw, what software do you use for post-processing?

Using the 3D scanner with DSL is very complicated, and the details won’t be very good. Until now, we don’t see any review on this except for the Creality official.

We will try our best to improve our products, so all suggestions are welcomed. Thank you again.

Best Regards

Thank you Cassie , I do own a lesser 3D scanner that uses this technology but since it is a real lesser application it is limited in some cases . I am still thinking if Creality’s new scanner is based on photogrammetry or not , because from what I saw so far it seems like it is for so many reasons . I ordered the full kit from them and I guess we are going to find out in April if that really works as advertised .

Still I am a big fan of the POP series , less work and better and quicker results everywhere regarding scanning of geometry . I have various applications like game assets, render engine assets for software, reconstructions , mostly organic models. I have been using Meshlab and Zbrush for the last 25 years.
POP2 will give me a great color map for color references in post processing , but I understand the technology and I know that putting inside a higher resolution RGB sensor will not fix anything as the data would be too great to process by the device and definitely not using mobile devices .
It was just an idea before Creality came up with their color kit idea to use an external camera for post processing that would need to use projection mode inside the software to accomplish the process as I do it manually at this moment . It can be done but not overnight , until then keep up the great work ! I love all the updates that are coming to the software , definitely a winner in my eyes because I used it already and I would be worry less about Creality new product as so far I did not saw full process yet with 100% results for my satisfaction regarding the geometry not in their early 3D scanner model not in the new model, I ordered it only from curiosity as I have idea to use it to texture mapping my POP2 scanned 3D model in post processing , once I have it I will post some workflows on this subject as well .
Best regards ,
keep up the great work !