MINI - color texture - antique vase with rich color patterns

Hello everyone,
I have started a new project:
color 3D scanning of an antique vases collection

In a previous post I published the result of the scan of a vase carried out with POP 2:

In this post I publish the result of the scan of the same vase made with the MINI and the standard turntable (with variable speed rotation)

As soon as the software update is available, the intention is to do comparison tests with the MINI and the new two-axis turntable (which I received).

I used for scanning the following setting:
Accuracy - fast scan
Scan Mode - features
Texture - color

I used for Fuse Setting:
Point pitch - 0.15 mm

I used for Mesh Settings:
Mesh Quality - 6
Denoise - 5
Fill Holes - yes

and after Texture mapping

For final editing (for removing unwanted scan parts) I used Revo Studio (last version)

Below are images of the various processes and the final result


Great scanning job Davide,

I think POP2 results was much better when it get about the textures vs MINI .

MINIs texture mapping are as fussy as it once was with POP2 before .

I am missing the sharpness and vibrant colors reproduction.

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I agree. I hope that as the texture capture software for POP 2 has been improved, there is a chance to improve for the MINI as well.