Play button for starting the scan is wrong in SPANISH

the button says “Curriculum Vitae” when it should say something like “Comenzar” or “Iniciar” or something like that ( meaning “start” ).

It’s seems it’s just a bad translation or something.

I didn’t knew where to tell about this, so I posted here.
I’m using the RevoScan 5.2.3

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Curriculum Vitae ? :joy: good one
I will let the team know !

@Revopoint-Mia { pls check this }

It should be [ Iniciar ]

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It happens when you start a new scan from a current project, NOT the first time.

@Revopoint-Mia , the translation of the Start button is also wrong in Spanish

should be [ Iniciar ]

@PopUpTheVolume Got it, will let the team correct it asap~