Revo Scan 5 - Hotkeys Needed

Hello friends !

This is a request for the Revo Scan 5 developers. Could you please implement hotkey assignments for the START and Complete buttons in the Revo Scan GUI please? It would be great if the hot keys were user assignable but at the very least it would be nice to be able to start and stop scanning with a keypress…For example, Start = S key, Complete = C key. Currently one must mouse over and click the Start or Complete buttons. Having hotkeys would greatly improve usability under some circumstances. Thank you for your consideration.

did you tried space bar?

I agree. The [Space Bar] isn’t enough.

I also agree that the key assignments are best made programmable because RevoScan operates in multiple languages (and some people just like the keys).

Hi X3msnake, Yes, I did. The thing is that I’m trying to automate our process and I really could use more specific control as some others here on the forum have also suggested. Cheers, J

Thank you for your suggestion, we will send it back to the software developers.