Pause a 3d Print

If the clay runs out (or runs low) can the printer automatically pause, or can it be manually paused so that more clay could be inserted and the print continued? Can that be demonstrated?


Are you talking about the scanning process? If so, yes you can pause a scan by pressing Pause, or just waiting for your phone to fill up in memory and the app will pause automatically.
Subsequently, if you do not touch anything else in the menus, all you have to do is press the Play button to resume the scan, you give the scanner a few seconds time to find a reference point and you keep adding points.

You can repeat the operation as many times as you want.



That question is going to be something the printer manufacturer or the software provider would have to answer, It has nothing to do with the scanner or it’s software. When you are printing it is a file created by the scanner but the software you are using for the printer determines what happens during printing.

I am a 3d printer, I have 17 machines but I really don’t know what you mean.

if you export the scan to stl or obj, you have to put it in a slicer, which will slice your file, there is no print or pause profile or anything else in a stl, obj or same ply.

Can you try to explain to us what is the problem or what you are trying to do please?

thank you in advance


I’m guessing you posted in the wrong forum. You were probably posting a question about the ceramic printer on Kickstarter, am I right?

I think too. But they don’t answer to that question sadly.

I will :lock: the topic, if you want something special, don’t hesitate to contact me. But I think you posted in the wrong forum too. First I thinking about a bad translation.