Display zooming in and out

Hi, I am using the Range Scanner running on an Android Tablet.
The Pointcloud displayed on the screen during scanning seems to be zooming in and out while I am scanning. This also happens if I am using my PC.
This makes judging the stand off distance a bit harder as I feel as If I am drifting too close, / too far away with the scanner.
The scans themself are fine, everything works quite well.
Is there a way to switch this “Auto -extents” display off ?

Hi Mike , no there is not an option to do that since the object need to be freely in the space , please focus on what you see in depth camera preview

I know sometimes it is annoying when it drift away so much you can’t see if you captured already the details or not , personally I preferred the very early versions when it did not do that .

Try to change the Display view , I will check too , to see if any of them allows the object to stay in steady pivot

Hi Catharina,
Is there any news on this display zooming issue ?
The zooming in and out is driving me crazy :slight_smile:

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Hi Mike , sadly it is a part of the scanning process . It is on purpose and not a bug …

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I have been testing another solution :slight_smile:
I borrowed the “Rangefinder” concept from another brand of 3D scanner.
I have two lasers, one projects a horizontal line, the other a vertical line.
The two lasers only form a “cross” when the scanner is at the correct distance from the subject :slight_smile:
The whole rig is 3D printed.