5.4.7 dual-axis control sync with scanner

First time using the 5.4.7 version and I do not like this new feature that when the scanner pauses, the turntable stops. Is there a way to unsync them? When I turn the switch off, then neither the scanner (POP3) nor the turntable start up again.

Reason I prefer the turntable to keep rotating during a pause is so the frame # does not increase while I wait for the places that are not scanned well to rotate into scanner-view These are horse neck bones and there are some nooks and crannies that need a bit more attention.

Thanks all for any suggestions!
Pamela (Bone Lady)

Hi Pamela, that why I am using Android app for scan difficult to scan objects , the way it is now it is for simple organic objects only .

I case you don’t know already

theres should be an option for that to disable the sync

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I did not used it with the RS5 software for some time …

Hi @BoneLady

Thank you very much for your feedback on V5.4.7. I will consult our R&D team on this issue. I will keep you informed if there are any updates.

May I ask why you don’t just turn off this option to keep the dual axis turntable from synchronizing with the scanner?