Optimal lighting

I’ve been testing the Range 2 in the UK, lights off, indoors, no artificial lights and getting pretty good results. So pretty low ambient light conditions.

But I’ve got a project coming up where the ambient light levels are much higher and some of the items to scan are outdoors. Do I just adjust the exposure for this or is there more I will need to do (i.e. scan in the early morning)

Hi @tonty

You can’t scan outdoors if the sun is up , you need a very cloudy day , or 2 hours before sunrise or after sunset .

The indoor lighting can be whatever as long the lighting is not direct via the window .
Sun light include infrared light, and I infrared is used by Range 2 to scan your objects .

Artificial LED lighting do not affect scanning with Range 2 .

Always use Auto exposure for Depth camera .
But for RGB you need to set it manually , White Balance then Exposure .

Can you scan in the dark?

Oh course you can scan in the dark it is infrared scanner like night vision , it don’t need any light to scan .

The only light you need if you want to scan color textures .