No Handy Studio on supplied Memory Stick or in latest download

On the Memory stick there is an older version of HandyScan and a PDF file, thats it. HandyScan does not install HandyStudio. Even after a Windows search it cannot be found.

Niether is it installed after downloading the latest version 2.4.8

Can you please supply a direct link to download HandyStudio?

First impressions: not good after paying full price (outside of Kickstarter) for a product not a beta. It works direct on a Windows 10 PC but not via Hot Spot on a Samsung S21 Ultra.I was sent HandyScan 1.6.5 APK from support but that did not connect either. The Hot Spot is seeing the POP (I can see its IP address and MAC address) but the software will not connect over it. I have been told they are working on it!

Mobile scanning of cultural heritage assets is what we paid for this thing to do. At present it is not doing what it it has been advertised to do. Very dissapointed so far.


You can find everything you need here :
Tutorials and softwares.

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Thanks @Zoltan3D for the pointer but I have already explored the POP download section. However the download from that page for Windows HandyScan does not contain HandyStudio. I downloaded it yesterday and can confirm HandyStudio is missing.

I can confirm them.
You need to install HandyScan and HandyStudio are contained inside, but be careful, sometimes it don’t make any shortcuts on start menu or on homescreen, you need to create them yourself.

Normally it’s in C:\Program Files\HandyScan\HandyScan\mtp folder and named “ModelProcessTool.exe”

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I had the same issue. This could have been more easily shown in the manual. Your answer was very helpful!

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