Handyscan software download location?

I apologize because I am sure this has been asked before but I have searched both revopoint3d.com and this forum and cannot seem to find it. I did not locate a sim card with my unit and it has been in its box for a couple of months since I received it, having just opened it last night.

So with the lack of instructions in the package I have spend several hours trying to figure out how to use this thing and think I need to download HandyScan as the software for it to work.

In the forums, at the top of the page is a link for the iOS version, but I am on a PC. It also downloads as a .pkg which I am unsure what to do with.

Can anyone point me to where I can download the new version for Windows 10 and if there is a beginner tutorial somewhere? I would really appreciate it! There really needs to be some text documentation that says do this then this then this then you have a scan. If there is already that then again I apologize as I have missed it.

Thank you.

Never fails, after you search and search and give up then ask for help, THATS when you randomly come across what you are looking for.
POP - Revopoint 3D Technologies Inc. 3D scanner APP is the link, then you click the big Windows icon under Software.

Note: This is HIGHLY confusing as it does not say HandyScan anywhere, just “Software”.



Click on the Windows icon to download the windows version of the software. HandyScan is just one of the pieces in the install.

You can also find the link for the manual on this page too.


Hi, you can find the download link in the download category: Download - Revopoint 3D