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Hello all. I’m new to the group but I just bought the Pop2 and I am eagerly waiting for it to arrive tomorrow. My question is has anyone been able to scan splined shafts and or gears? we will be using ours to replace a Creality Scan 01 that we have outgrown. We reverse engineer many parts and make new products by bridging automotive technologies together for aftermarket options. Has anyone used this to scan gears or splines? How is the quality?

How big are the gears you’re talking about?
The problem with gears is it’s 39-53 of the exact same feature repeated over and over in a very small space.

I had a look at a crown gear from a car’s gearbox

Stand the gear at 45 degrees and put a single parker on the face of the gear at 9 o’clock (the marker is for a reference point and not for tracking)

Then do a scan of the part and then rotate the gear 180 degrees so the marker is now at 3 o’clock and this will ensure you capture the top and bottom of the gear.
Then a 3rd scan rotating the market to 6 o’clock.

This will get you the data you need and give you the much needed reference points to later fuse the 3 scans.
An additional suggestion is to add some feature-heavy items around the gear on the plane so as it rotates the scanner can use these as the primary points of reference for tracking as the repetitive features of the gear will probably cause some tracking issues.

Obviously this works for big and small objects but if you’re looking at small gears its going to be hard to get a good scan of the spaces between teeth for some gears due to the binocular design of the scanner.

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