My test scan with Range

Converse Low top Right shoe

Converse High top left shoe

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The mesh looking very nice in the first one , the second I could not see it loading forever and ever .

There are lots of free programs that can decimate ( Simplify) your scans for lower size , still keep your details like for Example Revo Studio …

P.S it never loaded after all

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might be there is bandwidth issue, i can view both in mac and iphone :o weird

merging mini (left) and Range (right) result

and the mesh shifted, no idea why’s that happen, same result if using feature mode

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japanese food, Natto model

they never will match because there are no the same points available , try to use feature merge instead and let the program decide , mixing 2 different accuracy and resolution can results in bad result if you don’t matched the points with precision .

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you also might try cloudcompare for merging.

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thanks for advise, how many point to output a good result, coz thay dont match in feature merge either, i remember there is the 3rd method in revoscan4.x to merge them manually, is that not avaiable in rs5?

thanks mate, will take a look of cloudcompare :slight_smile:

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Not yet available … the manual alignment can tell you exactly if there is any shift in the cloud point that cause the bad merge , or it is just shift in RGB color …

I am expecting the RGB in RS5 while merging to be set off for better point markers placement, unfortunately it is not yet added … it is hard d to find correct point markers when you have vertex color data on top that not always means to be accurate from different scanners .

However I do not recommend to merge 2 scans from a different accuracy and resolution scanners … if you do you need to keep the fuse both at the same pitch point distance … so if Range is at 0.3mm make sure Mini pitch point is also at 0.3mm other way even if you succeeded you will get bad seam across .

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thanks for advise and expaination,
the reason i try to scan and merge with Mini and Range is, using Range for cover the black color which Mini hard to scan, coz it might avoid the spray on the model

That’s ok , you can try but you need to cut out the regions that was scanned already with MINI leaving around 20% overlapping

Or you can scan with Mini and Depth camera setting exposure at 1 … then start another scan with Mini and scan at exposure level 10 to catch the black elements then merge both Mini scans together , trust me you get better results

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