My Scanning Journey: Fixing Bo Peep's Sheep (Toy Story)

Just wanna share my most recent project made possible by the POP 2 scanner.

The original sheep heads were not very well done, the eyelids are wrong, ears are too thick, and curl patterns not accurate.

So I took them off and did a quick scan of the head.

Not much issues encountered, as expected the black of the iris cannot be captured but the overall shape and exact sizing is what I looking for so this is perfect.

The 3D scan was very helpful, I could easily separate the shapes without making the whole model from scratch!

I decided to have some fun and give them all different expressions from the movie.

And they were printed with the Form 3 printer.

Heads fit right in because I could size it according to the 3D scans.

Some painting…

And it’s done!


Clever rework.

Which 3D CAD software did you use for modeling the expressions?

That’s cool :sunglasses: looks so much better than the original model and love the facial expressions :joy:


Love it @zedabyu
So much better than the original and the painting job is spot on , now they looks like the original 3D 1:1.

Super job ! Always enjoying your work :heart_eyes:

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So cool! VERY nice 3d printer too, I am jealous (stares at my Ender 5)!

Did you use Blender? Really good paint job! Would love to see a video on the entire process from start to finish (I know, I ask a lot lol)

@KnightRid check @zedabyu YT channel, lots of cool videos there .


Thanks, I use ZBrush

Haha, very expensive too. But it’s very reliable.

I use ZBrush! Will post a video when it’s done.

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Thank you! The scanner really saved so much time, I love it!

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Found it - - lots of cool watching coming my way :slight_smile:

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@zedabyu YT channel is one of my favorite in this genre.

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