Sheep is done :)

I tried a lot with a small sheep but I guess it was to small (35 mm long, 30mm high) without success. Now I got a little bit bigger one (80 mm long, 60mm high) and with a good result. In addition I sucked all the hints and advice here from the forum. Happy to say knowledge is growing and results are better and better. Thanks for all your kind support. Special thanks to @PUTV


Obi , looks excellent ! and so the 3D print ! now you are a true replicator ! lol welcome to the club!
my first scan with POP1 was not as good !

You can go back to the smaller scans soon again, just practice , and you going to succeed again ! everything about the right angle and proper distance .
Looking forward to see more 3D showcases of yours !

and thanks for the props , glad I could help :+1:

same other examples … colorized with 3D Paint …


Hi @Obicom ,

These scan results are so good! Thank you for sharing them with us!

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Was ist los, hast du den magischen Knopf gefunden, oder was? :smile:

just kidding … super job Obi ! thanks for sharing !

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No magic button … scanning works not perfect but better and better. Only this small sheep droves me crazy. BTW which software do you use for rendering (the example ring)? @PopUpTheVolume

Ah OK, I use Substance Painter by Adobe for the previews , that is where I create all materials and textures, and prepare them in Zbrush, you can also render nice previews in Photoshop . But I am also sure you can make wonderful previews in Blender with Eevee or Cycles rendering without any additional costs .

Thank you for the hint @PUTV but I guess Paint 3D is enough for me. Blender is more a “rocket since” for me :wink:

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Now it looks so much better , I never used Paint 3D , 3D is my daily job so I use only heavy tools .