Just received my scanner. Anyone wants to buy it?

Got my POP yesterday, set everything up, did a few scans and was not happy with the results. Mainly because I needed this to scan figures under 2” and some of the detail gets lost.

Anyone wants to buy it from me at preorder price before I post it on ebay?

No kidding! Have you thought to raise up a warranty claim instead sell it?

It’s not damaged. It just doesn’t work for what I need. $320 plus shipping if anyone wants it

Hi, just an FYI but it did say for 50mm³ volume items and above.

50mm is roughly around 4 cm x 4 cm x 4cm. It should have no problem scanning figures twice that size then. Maybe to you 50mm sounds like a lot, but it’s actually a 1.5 inch cube.

Best regards

50mm IS 5 cm. or 1.9685 inches.

I’m going to be using mine for multiple things including trying to push those limits and scan some smaller models like you have done.

I do appreciate where your coming from and wish they would increase the fidelity and decrease the size of objects we can scan in the future if possible.

On a positive note and I’m sure you have already done it but making multiple scans and stitch them together in the program can really help get a better image so try doing loads, stitching them together and then the results might be a little better but no promises.

If it has lots of thinner parts that might be confusing it, also try giving it a covering of chalk dust as any shiny parts will do the same and using a black background might help to contrast the white dust.

Hope these work for you, or you find a buyer or not happy. If buy it but shipping and customs from the US is extortionate.

Kind regards

Are you buying or just a smartass? You had nothing to contribute yet you went out of your way to make a useless comment. Feel better? I’m sure everyone loves you

The person who buys it will be better off knowing, correctly, the minimum size it’s meant for. That’s all.