Mini2 is it you?

So… Who else has seen the announcement.

And who can’t wait to see what improvements have been made.


@Kentacles I was hoping for more speculation but @new23d seemed to be too on the ball for that lol

The speculation is the best part!

I went major geek mode on the teaser for Range2 and used the tripod as a reference for size of the device, then guestimated the likely distance between sensors to call it a new range. And to show my work shared this gif:


No need for a silly gif this time :disappointed:

There’s always a need lol, I feel this could be the start of a revopoint educational cartoon series :thinking::joy:

We need a friendly moderator to hide the post :thinking::joy:

A little too late for that , it already go viral .

I just wanted to let everyone know that the Manual was not officially approved and is outdated, it was leaked and published without permission . Please do not share this illegal link .

That’s a shame its happened like that.