My first week with Pop 2

Well, my first week 3D scanning to be honest.

I did a fair bit of research before pledging for Pop 2 on Kickstarter late last year, so I expected there would be lots to learn. Luckily, I love a challenge because I wasn’t wrong.

I scanned the bust OK, I haven’t shown it here, you all know what it looks like. Things got a little trickier when I moved on to some small figures, this guy is an F1 photographer from the '60s meant to be a trackside slot car object, he isn’t panted so I thought it would be a good 2nd step. Bit small though.

It took a while but I eventually found the right settings with Feature mode scan. I haven’t spent any time on cleanup other than removing a few stray points.

Pleased with my progress I printed a copy (to keep the first one company).

Looking for a functional idea now, I scanned the handle of a window pole, it takes forever to wind the skylight as it is so I thought I would make a crank for it.

Scan of the handle, again not cleaned up much.

I imported the mesh into Fusion 360 and used it as a tool to cut a hole in a simple crank plate. It fits perfectly! Woohoo!

Try something a bit darker now. This hare is made from clay, it hadn’t been fired and so, when my wife knocked it off the shelf she picked it up in several pieces. I quite enjoyed gluing it back together but thought it would be good to capture the design in case next time there are hundreds of bits to glue.

Its a bit darker than it looks in the photo so I used Dark mode to scan the model. Three point clouds fused together and some clean up (didn’t need too much because the original has a rough texture) gave this mesh:

I’m really pleased with this one, I might make a huge one for the garden to scare the cats off. Here is a half size printed one with the original:

I have had many failures but not too many, I’m not showing you those.

Many thanks to all those who leave their tips and tricks on this forum and elsewhere, your posts form a formidable resource which helps tremendously when starting from scratch.


Very good job Alan , love that sculpture .
If I can give you a tip , for scanning stuff for printing the highest setting of the mesh are ok , but normally I would not use higher meshing than 5 in Revo Studio , max at 6 , unless the object is huge then you want higher , for objects with less features like the man figurine or the handle 4-5 is perfect number in Revo Studio , or 6 in Revo Scan with Denoiser at 10 , for easy going settings that deliver less noises .

Thanks for sharing ! great job , I hope to see more !

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Thanks PUTV, tips are always welcome!

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Looks like you are getting on very well with the pop2

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