My First Meshlab Cleaning, Repairing and Remeshing of a Revopoint POP II Scan of a Persimmon

Another one of my POP II color fruit scans. This time, I was able to greatly improve the appearance of the model by using default settings in Meshlab. My first productive session with the app! I have a long way to go … but divide and conquer!


Though it seems to have worked for you, but I have made better experiences with objects suspended by a (cardboard) ring when I use black material (like a piece of that black plastic coming with the scanner) to cover the ring and for padding the gap between ring an object. This way the suspension and padding is “invisible” and doesn’t have to be removed in the postprocessing.


Could you show me a picture? I’m having trouble visualizing the prop.
Thanks…even though I’m an old dog, I still enjoy learning new tricks!

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No rocket-science here. The picture shows the setup with and without covering the supporting cardboard ring with a piece of black plastic sheet. The effect would be that the supporting ring will not appear in the scan.