3D scan /model of Miraco

does anyone have a 3D scan of the Miraco?

I’m planning to 3D print a few accessories and a 3D model of the scanner would be great.
Can’t figure out how to scan my Mircao using my Miraco :confused:
I can model it manually but from experience I know this will result in multiple atempts and wasted prints :wink:

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Hi @kaczorefx

@X3msnake scanned the MIRACO casing using INSPIRE. Revopoint MIRACO frontal scan for RE (INSPIRE) - Download Free 3D model by X3msnake [3000ddc] - Sketchfab

I hope this can be helpful to you.


Hi Filip , yes try @X3msnake scan of MIRACO , many used it for making accessories .

Oh thanks, that should be enough :slight_smile: