Miraco: random 'blades' appearing during scan

Hey there, over the past few days I have been seeing and increasing number of single and multi frame points being detected on the far right side of the miraco scanning window, particularly in near mode. This causes a lot of problems during scanning such as lost tracking and generally an increase in noise, and this also causes problems when baking textures.

The front viewing has no debris, smudges or scratches. I have not bumped or damaged the device and whenever I set it down I place it into it’s case.
I store the device inside in 70f-75f.

Attached is an image of the ‘blades’ I’m encountering:

Let me know if there is any more info or photos I can provide to help with identifying the problem.

It would be helpful if you could identify the individual frames and send a picture of them.

Hi @Clay

It looks like some hardware issue , I would recommend you write email to customer@revopoint3d.com and a link to this thread .

It would be helpful for the tech team if you can record video on MIRACO while scanning and processing and send it as well for review .

On your own , you can try to recalibrate MIRACO using the small board in PC mode and also Calibrate the IMU ( under MIRACO Settings) and see if anything improve , if not it is definitely sensor issue .

Hi @Clay

Please don’t worry. The development team is aware of this and will need some time to try to reproduce and confirm.

Can you import this project on PC Revo Scan 5 and zip the whole project folder and send it to us? Our dev team will analyze this.

I sent you a PM, can you check it? I request that you provide me with your email so that our customer service staff can contact you to resolve the issue.

Hello, I have sent an email to customer@revopoint3d.com

For future people that encounter this problem I will keep the thread updated here with any information I receive and video that I can get as per @PUTV s recommendation.

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